Brent Hinds guitar straps!

Freitag, 5-2-2016  

That is a very good question. To know what exactly Brent Hinds guitar straps are, we first have to ask ourselves: who is Brent Hinds? If you are not yet familiar with this legend, go find him on the internet immediately: Brent Hinds is an American born guitarist (why else would the Brent Hinds guitar straps be named after him, after all?) who is mainly famous for being a member of the metalband Mastodon. Although Mastodon is the band Hinds is most famous for, he is involved in a whole number of other bands and projects as well, with names as Fiend Without A Face (surfabilly), The Blood Vessels (classic rock), West End Motel (also classic rock), Four Hour Fogger (more classic rock), The Last Of The Blue Eyed Devils (even more classic rock), Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (again, classic ro- wait, what?) and Legend Of The Seagullmen (punk – just kidding: also classic rock). As you may have gathered, Brent Hinds is a multi-talented and highly active individual, who creates music in genres from heavy metal to through sludge metal and from stoner metal to alternative metal – as well as, of course, some classical rock wedged in between. He is not only a guitarist, but also a singer and a banjo player. However, Hinds is best known as a guitarist and as a member of Mastodon. He has some favourite instruments, mainly Gibsons, such as the Gibson Flying V, the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop and the Gibson SG. And as even a layman knows, any guitar – especially electric ones – need guitar straps to be held in place while the guitarist jams along on his instrument. So what are Brent Hinds guitar straps? Brent Hinds guitar straps are the very straps the legend himself uses. And you can own and use them, too!

Looking for Brent Hinds guitar straps?

Yes, you read that correctly. Brent Hinds guitar straps – guitar straps that Hinds himself uses as well – can be bought by you for your own personal use. You can look just as awesome and impressive on stage during your performance as Mastodon’s guitarist! Just head over to and look for Brent Hinds guitar straps. You’ll see they’ve got a whole bunch of colourful guitar straps that are allegedly also owned and used by Mastodon’s Hinds. Overdrive Straps produce guitar straps that are handmade, of high quality, beautifully colourful and used by legends and idols like Brent Hinds. So don’t hesitate and get your own Brent Hinds guitar straps on Overdrive Straps! Guitar straps are not just an accessory: when picked thoughtfully, they can serve to enhance your stage presence and thus your entire act and performance. This is how Brent Hinds picks his own guitar straps as well. According to Overdrive Straps artist like Hinds choose guitar straps that complement their overall image. On their website you can find a picture of Brent Hinds, guitar straps from Overdrive Straps – a vintage 70s model – clearly visible on the photo. It speaks for itself that a professional like Brent Hinds doesn’t only select his guitar straps based on whether he thinks they look cool or not. No, for a professional guitarist – especially ne involved in different genres of metal and multiple classic rock bands – also goes for sturdiness and quality, for guitar straps that can take a hit and still be alright. Brent Hinds’ guitar straps, in short, are not only beautiful, but also of super high quality and handpicked by one of the best guitarists alive today. And the best of all? You can own them, simply by ordering them at Overdrive Straps at  You would be in good company, because more and more professional artists are choosing Overdrive Straps for their handmade, high quality guitar straps.

About Overdrive Straps

So what kind of company is Overdrive Straps exactly? Well, the most important thing you already know: they produce guitar straps of very high quality and exquisite beauty that appeal to an international set of high-performing customers. Among them are, as mentioned before, Brent Hinds, but also big names such as Troy Sanders, Thomas Erak and Jeff Schroeder. So even if Brent Hinds’ guitar straps are maybe not entirely your thing, there are enough other straps of beauty and quality to be found at Overdrive Straps. In Overdrive Straps’ collection, you’ll find retro designs, seatbelt straps, full leather straps and other accessories and merchandise. Obviously the company has a great passion and love for everything that has to do with music and guitars. They are specialists and they love what they do. Overdrive Straps is a Dutch brand, founded by Cissie Goumare, who makes the guitar straps by hand, thus providing high quality guitar straps all over the world. Not only Brent Hinds’ guitar straps can be found here, but also many other straps made for and bought by many other artists. If you want to get your guitar straps from the same source as some of your idols? Then head over to Overdrive Straps and get your own! Brent Hinds’ guitar straps are completely within your reach. If you want to elevate your stage presence to his level, just get Brent Hinds guitar straps and be on your way to becoming your own legend! If you are still looking for guitar straps, which ones could be better than Brent Hinds’ guitar straps? Whatever you have in mind, Overdrive Straps will help you out.

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