Are you looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands?

Dienstag, 26-2-2019  

Looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands? Look no further! At you have the opportunity to rent virtual office space in the Netherlands whenever you want. We understand that you maybe want to keep your private address private. You can Always use our office space whenever it suits you best. All the possibilities with a virtual office in the Netherlands you can imagine are possible with us. We listed those below: 

  • Registration address
  • Postal address 
  • Commercial address 
  • Local telephone number
  • Phone answering solutions

It was never easier to get a virtual office in the Netherlands! This way, it’s possible for everyone to do business in the Netherlands, for example in Amsterdam or Rotterdam (you can choose!). And the best thing is: you can start today. The costs are 59€ a month, as long as you are a costumer. Ofcourse, it’s monthly cancellable. You can already start within 1 day! So, if you are looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands… What are you waiting for? 

Wait… What is a virtual office? 

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space and/or technology, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

It can be really easy for a company to have a virtual office in the Netherlands, since a lot of business is done in this small country. Especially in the West side of the Netherlands, there are a lot of virtual offices that are rented by businesses that don’t need a physical office but are looking for a virtual space in that country. With Easy start office, you get a reliable virtual office for only the price of 59€ a month. They have several packages, so you can also choose to sometimes rent an office space in for example Rotterdam or Amsterdam. That means, you have your virtual office in the Netherlands and if necessary you can rent a physical space for a day or even a couple of hours! 

More about flexworking and flexdesks

Next to having a virtual office in the Netherlands, it’s also possible to rent a flexible workplace for a small additional fee per hour. This is extremely easy when you have an appointment, you want to talk or welcome your customers and talk about business. I did this myself several times and everytime it went very smooth and easy. The workplaces are light and bright, and there is enough space to easily sit and talk with your costumer about business. Inviting people or meeting up occasionally is very easy this way! There is enough room, but there are also meeting rooms one can book. Besides that, you can use the WiFi and printer in the building. It’s really a cost saving alternative if you only need room few times a month. This possibility to rent flexible workplaces or meeting rooms whenever you want, is great next to having a virtual office in the Netherlands. Great flexibility, but still professional. In this way, you can focus on your company completely without losing focus on what really matters. Work without distractions, save costs and invest in the core of your company. It’s all possible! 

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