Enjoy many benefits and start a Dutch business

Mittwoch, 2-10-2019  

Have you been pondering on starting a new business outside of your country for a while already? The Netherlands would be perfect place for you to start a business. Intercompany solutions can help you start a Dutch business. The company has been operating since 2013, and has helped hundreds of clients from multiple country to start a business in the Netherlands. It doesn’t have to be a big company as their clients range from people who want to start their first small business to multinationals wanting to open a subsidiary in Holland. This has delivered Intercompany solutions a lot of experience to ensure a successful establishment of your business. 

Why would you start a Dutch business?

Out of all the countries you have as an option, you may think: Why the Netherlands? Well, the Netherlands has many benefits to offer entrepreneurs and investor. The Dutch have taken a leadership position in several industries, such as agriculture, logistics, energy and the health sector, by being innovative and efficient. The Netherlands have been ranked as 3rd best country in the world to start a business by Forbes magazine. You would be able to enjoy the benefits of having a company in a EU country as well as the position of the country as both Schiphol and Rotterdam are two of the most prominent gateways for goods in Europe. 

Here are a few more benefits to start a Dutch business:

  • The Netherlands have a corporate tax rate of 20%, which is among the lowest in Europe;
  • The Netherlands has the biggest number of treaties for double tax avoidance worldwide;
  • About 93% of the Dutch speak English, and many are proficient in a third language like German or French as well;
  • The labor force of the Netherlands is highly educated, being 3rd in the global top for education level.

The procedure to start a Dutch business

Assuming all the documents meet the requirements, the whole procedure of company formation will take only about 48-hours to officialy start a Dutch business. Of this time, the most is spent on verifying all documents. For the procedure of the formation of a Dutch BV, the identities of all directors and shareholders you want to register in the Netherlands will be checked first as well all accompanying forms and the preferred company name since this needs to be checked on availability. Then, the formation documents to start a Dutch business have to be signed by all shareholders. Luckily, at Intercompany solutions this can be done remotely so you don’t have to travel from far. You then can return the original documents by legalizing them at a notary’s office of your choice. You could also decide on signing the document at a Dutch notary, but then you would have to visit the Netherlands for the entire process. After this, Intercompany solutions will commerce with the registration procedure. In order to submit the deed of formation at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the deed of incorporation will have to be signed by a notary public. After nothing more than a few hours, your Dutch company will be assigned a registration number and you will receive a corporate extract from the company.

So, enjoy the benefits of having a company stationed in the Netherlands. It only takes about 48 hours to start a Dutch business! So contact Intercompany solutions and start a Dutch business!

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