Getting help with company formation in the Netherlands

Dienstag, 25-9-2018  

After spending a lot of my childhood the vast majority of my adult life in and around Amsterdam, it was almost inevitable that I was going to be involved with company formation in the Netherlands at some point. I worked in all sorts of business around Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and gained a huge amount of experience. By the time I reached my late 30’s it was time for me to move back to my roots in the UK, but I was never going to abandon Holland entirely. I started my own business from London, with the intention of moving it across the sea at the first possible opportunity. Even with my experience, however, company formation in the Netherlands is a complicated process, particularly when doing it from abroad. Even with my good knowledge of the Dutch language I knew before I even started that I was going to need some help and advice along the way. I just had not realised quite how complicated company formation in the Netherlands from abroad could be, and how much help I was going to need. Before I could even start, I had to find:

  • Business lawyers with experience in UK and Dutch law;
  • An accountant who understood the tax system;
  • A notary to sign papers;
  • Communication staff;
  • The right bank for my business.

In the beginning, my intention was to go through as much of the Netherlands company formation process as I could on my own, and only hire help when necessary. I soon realised that help was necessary at almost every stage if I was going to keep my business running at the same time.

A business that helps with company formation in the Netherlands

It took some time to find the right help. Company formation in the Netherlands, or any other country, is not something you want to trust to the wrong people. I asked various contacts that I had built up over the years, searching out as much advice as I could find over company formation in the Netherlands. The name which came up several times was Intercompany Solutions. At first glance I thought that the services which they offered were intended for a different sort of company and that I did not require anything on the scale that they were offering. As I looked around and dug deeper, however, they quickly became my first choice. After having a thorough read through their pages, starting at, I decided it was time to talk to them directly. To my surprise the service was very personal, and they quickly understood what type of advice and support I was looking for. They clearly had a wealth of experience of company formation in the Netherlands, and I was left in no doubt that Intercompany Solutions would make my work in the next weeks and months much simpler. Negotiations were quick and amicable, and together we got to work.

Once everything gets going

After the company formation in the Netherlands, there was still plenty to organise. Keeping the business running may be even more complicated than getting it going in the beginning. Intercompany Solutions helped me out more than I ever expected with that, too, including tax and accounting issues and legal requirements, as well as directing me to support with staffing and communication parts of the business. The whole company formation in the Netherlands process went smoothly enough that I noticed virtually no disruption in our day-to-day functioning, and our clients had nothing to complain about. That’s why I recommend Intercompany Solutions to anyone in a similar situation to mine.

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