Need an conveyor belt that is FDA approved?

Sonntag, 14-4-2019  

At Hardick, we often work with companies that operate in food industries. Our PTFE products and specifically our PTFE conveyor belts, are perfectly suitable for food production. The right PTFE conveyor belt prevents sticking, is heat resistant and very durable. Therefore, they can be used to transport different kinds of food in a production environment. Automated transportation saves time and money and ensures constant quality of production. The characteristics found in PTFE make this possible. PTFE is widely known as Teflon, a material developed roughly sixty years ago. Today, it is still used in a wide variety of environments. Conveyor belts are only one of them. Of course, when working with a PTFE conveyor belt in food production, you will need a conveyor belt that is FDA approved. At Hardick, we are happy to be able to offer conveyor belts that have this seal of approval. As ISO certified company we are permitted to sell our conveyor belt as FDA approved. 

Order your conveyor belt FDA approved at Hardick

Ordering your conveyor belt that is FDA approved at Hardick comes with several advantages:

  • ISO certificate ensures FDA approval
  • experienced consultants availabe for advice
  • large product range in conveyor belts
  • products made tailored to your needs

In other words, we look at your company and offer a solution that serves your production environment best. A standard solution might not be suitable for your organisation. Maybe your production facility works with heated and cold foods, for which you need an all-round product. Or your production environment is small and needs a clever solution to make the coveyor belt work. In any case, you can rely on our experience and ask us all your questions about your next conveyor belt (FDA approved). More on FDA approval can be found on our website. You can also count on Hardick for designing clever solutions for new production facilities. We would love to be engaged early on in this process, to serve you best. We do not only deliver conveyor belts (FDA approved) and other PTFE products, but deliver advice when we can. This makes us an excellent partner for development in your organisation. Please contact us for more information on the best conveyor belt (FDA approved) for your organisation. We would like to get in touch and discuss the challenges your company faces right now. To be part of the solution would even be better. 

Types of conveyor belts

Our website offers a quick overview of all our conveyor belts. A conveyor belt (FDA approved) resists heat up to 260 degrees Celcius. Bacterial and fungal growth is almost impossible on the belts, which makes them perfect for transportation of food or food related products. Heated products do not stick to the belt and all belts are easy to clean. Our belts are available in open and closed mesh. These have their own advantages and can be used in different circumstances. New to PTFE conveyor belts? We gladly explain the characteristics of each of our belts, the uses and advantages. Often, this makes it much easier for our customers to decide on their conveyor belt. Always FDA approved according to the latest standard. 

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